Whats’ My Business Worth

Every day I help Business Owners like you that are worried about selling their business and getting the most money. They are frustrated because they may not understand the selling process and they’re concerned about wasting time talking to tire kickers.

I’m not some pop-up Internet broker. I’m not an out of town, unlicensed business broker. I’m also not a Realtor that is selling houses (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’m a busy, full-time Business Broker that is licensed by the State of Michigan and I work the Metro Detroit market every day.

Please don’t contact me unless you are serious about selling and you want to sell for the right price. I charge a lot of money and some people think I’m difficult to work with, but I will get you to the closing table with the quickest sale, the fewest problems, along with a check in your hand for the most money. Isn’t that what you really want?

Don’t want to fill out a form? If you’d prefer, just call me directly to discuss your needs or use the Calculator

Find Out What Your Business Will Sell For In Today’s Market!

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